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More for Autumn

Autumn has been bright and colourful and long. Winter has barely begun and december is on us already. I'm adding all my october and november work to the autumn gallery so its getting quite full. Only 6 thumbnails load per page so to view everything don't forget to click Next at the bottom of the page.

Summer update

Not so much time at the moment with children on holiday and a crawly baby but summer 2013 has been added. I am concentrating more on watercolours and sketching at the moment as I can pick up and put down more easily, so less larger paintings.

New Content

I have added my latest work to the spring 2013 gallery

update coming soon

The galleries have been reorganised. More work is in the process of photoediting and should be uploaded over the next month or so. Some galleries may remain empty for a while.


Welcome to my web gallery of christian art.

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